We are the only certified partner for Siemens-Flender transmission service in the Czech Republic

Head of the Service Department

Head of the Service Department
Jan Rylko
 +420 603 156 783

Technical support

Technical support
Martin Tománek
 +420 733 623 743

Technical support

Technical support
Michal Lacko
 +420 731 608 185

Vedoucí dílny

Marián Svatoš

 +420 736 480 574
+420 556 843 222


It does not work? Call us at the dispatching center, and we'll be within 24 hours, including holidays and weekends. Thanks to the Ford Tranzit and Volkswagen Crafter mobile workshops with full service equipment, we will repair standard transmissions in your company, so you do not need to drive the drive.

Regular checks

Standard service offerings include preventative controls to help prevent more serious malfunctions. The check is a professional assessment of the drive condition, lubricant level, leakage of the equipment, etc. Last but not least, we carry out laboratory analyzes of lubricants. These regular checks will save you considerable financial volume and, above all, extend machine life.

Warranty and post-warranty service

We provide servicing gearboxes not only in warranty but also after warranty. We will evaluate the condition of the damaged drive before it is repaired and we will quantify the cost of its repair not only for equipment from our assortment. All this in the shortest possible time. You mean that each suspension of traffic is costly for your business.

Expertise & Technical background

We take care of the specialization and education of our service technicians. Years of experience, along with regular training, help technicians perform the best work.We are the only certified partner for SIEMENS-FLENDER transmissions in the Czech Republic. For NORD we are a certified partner for both warranty and post-warranty service.


We will review the status of your device directly on your behalf and for full operation. Thanks to our regularly trained service technicians and special non-disassembly diagnostics, vibro-diagnostics, tribo-diagnostics and thermovision, there is nothing to be solved for us. The special test room for electric motors and gearboxes helps us to work better and to satisfy our customers.


Dispatching:    +420 703 350 505